Waking Up Panicked – Nocturnal Attacks

Life has never been so stressful for our ancestors; they have honestly been able to have a sound sleep at night. But is it the same with us? I wish I could say that.

Night Panic

Due to such lack of sleep during the night we tend to feel tired and exhausted during the day. This dictates the onset of sleeping disorders thus disrupting the normal cycle of life.

Human life has been maintaining a typical sleep-awake cycle ever since its existence and it still exists. This is indeed a never-ending cycle that we would have to abide by. However, when there is an obstruction in the normal course of life, the balance is lost and then problems creep in. People who have a tendency of sleeping less than usual are likely to suffer from chronic sleep problems and one such issue of concern is sleep panic attacks.

Sleep panic attacks or nocturnal attacks can occur with no obvious trigger and awaken you from sleep. These types of attacks cannot be diagnosed very easily as it is a mix of several symptoms indicating various sleep disorders. During the initial stages of the attack you might be unable to sleep well at night and this would manifest the absence of restfulness after you wake up. When such a situation is encountered, it is recommended to seek a professional help.

Symptoms of Physical Night Terrors

The common symptoms of panic attack during sleep are insomnia, drowsiness during the day and irregular sleeping patterns. Insomnia is more prevalent than the other two symptoms in the initial stages. Also panic attacks during sleep are common with people having irregular sleeping behaviors.

It is alleged that over 50 percent of panic disorder sufferers are likely to have sleep panic attacks, but these are likely to happen during the day. Research reveals that in just about 10.2 percent is some typical panic attacks are likely to happen during the night.

Fear of Sleeping – Sleep Dread

People suffering from panic attacks while sleeping also tend to fear sleeping; this can just worsen situations and lead to complexities. This can lead to sleep dread. However, sleeping tablets aren’t the way of dealing with these problems; they can only make you addicted.

Sleep panic attacks cannot be associated with dreams as the attack tends to strike at the earlier stages of Rapid Eye Movement or REM. Therefore, dreams cannot be held responsible for triggering panic attacks. Also, the occurrence of sleep panic attacks can result in sudden waking up, palpitations, breathlessness, fear, perspiration and tremors. Such symptoms usually occur when the person is in deep sleep.

The exact cause of such panic attacks occurring during sleep is unknown. But it is said that the suspected cause might be the building up of CO2 or carbon dioxide within the body while we sleep. This is known to be the “false suffocation alarm.”
Panic attacks can be treated and medications can completely eradicate the signs of such attacks. Nonetheless, medications should be used as the last weapon for treatment as these disorders can be cured with certain restrictions and changes.

Panic attacks can also be cured if you can make peace with your own self; this is crucial.

You must understand yourself first and then try to explain it to a friend or family. The more you express the better for you. Apart from that you must make certain lifestyle changes as well- quit smoking, caffeine and alcohol. These substances trigger the intensity of the attack. Additionally, I would say that self-help is the best help to cure sleep panic attacks.

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