Did you ever have some undefined fear in your mind that kept aggravating with time until you freaked out? Did you feel some kind of tightness within the body followed by a choked throat and dizziness? Do you perspire when you are alone and feel a sense of fear and anxiety? All these are the common signs of panic attacks disorder. Let’s take a look at the causes of panic and anxiety disorder

In the United States alone almost 40 million of the populace suffer from some kind of panic attacks every year. This is very common among the adults, aged above fearful18 years.

Panic attacks can strike you at any point of time in your life and there aren’t any defined reasons. The attack might last for a few seconds or even for several days at a stretch. If left untreated for a considerable period of time, it can be life-threatening as well.

The onset of panic attacks is sudden and is accompanied by some typical symptoms such as perspiration, choked throat, trembles, pounding heart rate, breathlessness, chills, hyperventilation, nausea, hot flashes, abdominal cramps, headache, chest pain, and the sense of nearing death. In a nutshell, a panic attack is nothing but fear.

When you have frequent episodes of panic attacks like this, it is known as panic disorder. Panic attacks, though not unmanageable, but can be very difficult to cope with and might also endanger others related to you.

There isn’t any particular time for panic attacks to commence. You might be attacked while walking down the street or while watching a movie with friends or family; it’s totally unpredictable.

But you must be wondering what causes such a severe disorder in humans? Well, the causes are yet to be defined.
The disorder in itself is somewhat illogical and you cannot make out how and when you would be grasped. But when it strikes, it strikes hard.
Researchers, however, have come up with some potential causes of panic attacks and they have pointed out the body as well the mind to be the cause of panic attacks.

Take a look:
Genetics can be a cause: If you have been suddenly affected by panic attacks, you can blame your genes for that. It is believed that panic attacks are hereditary disorders. Your ancestors might have been affected by panic attacks at some point in time in their life and you’ve inherited it from them. In these cases, it becomes very difficult to treat the disorder and it takes time as well.

Biological malfunctions can also be a cause of panic attacks, though it has not been identified as yet.
Stress and Anxiety: Emotional disruptions can lead to several health hazards and panic attacks are one of those. Stress can be caused due to excessive pressure or for some unknown reasons as well and when you are overstressed you might experience some of the symptoms of panic attacks.
Some unpleasant accidents: Yes, if you have ever witnessed any unpleasant incident in the past, you can have panic attacks. Some people cannot accept deaths and accidents occurring to their near and dear ones and that leaves a mark on their mind. This can also be the root cause of panic attacks.
However, the real cause behind panic attacks disorder is not even known to the sufferer. If he/she knew, it could have been easily relieved. Also, all of us are not afraid of the same thing; I fear water, do you? You might fear heights while I don’t.

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