Panic Definition – Hypochondriac

Panic attacks can be defined as frightening yet very harmless episodes from the physical aspect. These attacks are likely to trigger at any given point of time or might be caused when a person has been exposed to several unpleasant events or accidents. Such attacks might shoot up and have very high intensity as well. But in some cases, the intensity might not be severe but the symptoms might last longer than usual. Now you know what panic attacks are literally.

Panic attack sufferers usually experience a sense of fear and anxiety; they tend to feel that they are going to die due to suffocation or any other absurd reason. Some others might feel that their heart is pounding and that they are about to have a severe heart attack. These are intense symptoms but fade in an hour’s time.

People do suffer from occasional episodes of panic attacks once in their life time. But if these attacks reoccur over time, medical help becomes necessary. Often people and doctors dismiss symptoms as the sufferer often gets labeled a Hypochondriac

While your first episode of panic attack might strike you just out of the blue, it actually doesn’t happen that way. Panic attacks are triggered by longtime stress and anxiety. Stress can be caused due to many factors; life transitions like wedding, change in job, family problems and several other conditions can be responsible for causing stress.

People who can adjust themselves with such situations can overcome stress and tension and lead a comfortable life. But there are some people who cannot cope up with such stress and fall prey. That is the point from where the panic attack starts building up and the sufferer starts feeling vulnerable. Instead of trying to combat the tension and its cause, the sufferer becomes more conscious about his failure to overcome the situation.

There can be several causes of panic attacks and it is actually difficult to point out just one. It can also be said that the cause of panic attack differs from one person to the other. Every person cannot have panic attacks for the same reason; it differs according to one’s lifestyle, the fear, the intensity etc. Also, the outcome of the fear and the symptoms also tend to differ with the cause. However, if you have to point out some because it would be genetics. Yes, panic attacks can be inherited sometimes.
Panic attacks are usually characterized by palpitations and a pounding heart, sweat, tremors, smothering, choking sensation, nausea, fear of death and loss of self-control, chills, hot flashes and Paresthesias. A person experiencing panic attack can have 4 or more than 4 of these symptoms.

Nonetheless, panic attacks can be treated and you need worry about it any longer. Instead of taking medicines you can just follow some restrictions and you would be curing your panic attacks all by yourself.

When you know that you are prone to panic attacks, you must try to understand the underlying cause of the fear or panic. Try to relate to the cause if you’ve been able to define it. Once this is done, half the problem is actually solved.

Next you would have to try and make yourself understand that the cause of your fear is unreal and it doesn’t exist. This can be difficult to achieve on your own and you can take the help of a therapist in this regard.
I guess I’ve been able to explain what panic attacks are. So, don’t fear and enjoy life to the fullest.

The cause of panic attacks

There are 7 billion people on the planet and that means that there can be 7 billion causes for panic attacks. Basically, if you read my general article on the subject you would know that panic attacks are different for each of us and they are also caused by different situations. This guide is very basic, If you want to stop panic attacks forever try Panic-Away – the best book about panic attacks I have ever read. Most of the panic attacks, I have to say this, are caused by large groups of people and having to speak in front of all of them. Maybe even a wedding is a bit too much for some people. So, we can narrow down the causes to a fear of large groups of people.
Other causes for panic attacks can be the thought of something that you can’t manage and that will create the type of panic attack that is milder, but it can keep on going for days, usually up until the point you have to deal with the specific situation first hand. In this group, you can include a lot of causes, such as fear of an upcoming surgical procedure that you either have to perform or get, maybe going to the dentist or a very important exam. With a couple of days prior to these events you will start getting anxious about it and you will have to make sure that you try and manage the symptoms, otherwise it will lead to a very unwanted outcome.
So, again, I have to tell you that it is difficult to actually diagnose a panic attack, but after all, it is you who knows if it is about to happen or not and I recommend paying a lot of attention to that so you can avoid it the next time. That is the best cure for panic attacks, making sure that you don’t have to deal with the same type of situation again.

The general cause for panic attacks is our mind. When it is put in a situation that it thinks it is too much, it will start letting you down and you will exhibit all the signs of a panic attack. So, if you can control your mind and you can basically just stop and take a couple of deep breath you should be fine. Keep doing it and try to relax as much as possible and you will have no problem controlling yourself in any kind of situation.

These are just basic measures to stop panic attacks. If you want complete solution and stop panic attacks forever I suggest you take a look at this guide: Panic-Away .

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