7 Signs That You’re About to Have a Major Freakout Panic Attack

“I cannot take stress for long. When I feel over stressed it gives me a feeling of nausea and I tend to puke. It seems like my whole system is out of sync and I fail to recollect myself for a couple of minutes.”

Can you relate yourself to this kind of a problem? Well, then chances are like you’ve had a few occasions of anxiety attacks as these are typical anxiety physical symptoms.

Over millions of people in America are suffering from some kind of anxiety disorder and it has been proved that this is more of a predominant mental illness which needs medical attention. The disorder is said to be incapacitating and can lead to severe illness as well. In some worst cases, sufferers might also choose to live a solitary life.

An anxiety attack is not something that everyone experiences; what we experience on a regular basis is mere anxiety, which is a part of life. Our life is filled with so many problems and issues that we need to overcome. Sometimes the problem might be critical and we need to resolve it with ease. Such situations can be stressful, but not an attack literally.
However, while a person is anxious he is likely to have some typical sensations which he doesn’t feel otherwise. This should not be mistaken as an attack. It can just be a regular symptom.

Anxiety physical symptoms can strike you at any given point of time; it depends in how well you can respond to your senses. Also, these are a group of 3 to 4 symptoms together; some people might just sense 4 to 5 symptoms while others might experience just 1 or 2. Also, these symptoms can be either mental or physical or both. The physical symptoms, however, are more prominent.

Let us have a look at the 7 most potent anxiety physical symptoms:

1. Excessive Perspiration: This is one of the common symptoms of anxiety and probably the first one that manifests. While a person is anxious or is suffering from an anxiety attack he is likely to sweat a lot without any cause. Even if the weather is fine and the air conditioner is on, he would sweat.
2. Chills and Hot Flushes: During the anxiety attack, the sufferer is likely to get hot flushes. This is again a common symptom. Even if it’s very cold outside, the sufferer would feel hot. Finally, after the intensity of the attack lessens the person feels chills.
3. Accelerated Heartbeat: Stress and anxiety can give us a rapid heartbeat. But when a person is under an anxiety attack he tends to experience an accelerated heartbeat which seems fatal.
4. Tremors: This is another significant sign of anxiety; try to recall your first job interview. How was your experience? Were your hands trembling and sweating out of fear? That’s also a form of anxiety. Though there is no reason to feel terrified as it happens to us. Other than hands, you might as well feel that your knees are trembling and you are unable to stand firm.
5. Breathlessness: When a person experiences all the above-mentioned symptoms or just a few of them, he is likely to feel breathless as well.
6. Stomach Cramps or Nausea: Nausea can be the outcome of too many mixed feelings, ill feelings actually. It can happen to you normally as well.
7. The sense of Chocking: This is also common in people suffering from anxiety. They feel choked and throttled out of the blue.

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