Advice from Panic Disorder Sufferers

If you are one among those people suffering from the symptoms of panic attack, you are not the only one. Anxiety disorders and panic attacks are prevalent now and it strikes almost one-third of America’s populace. However, there are better ways of coping up with panic attacks today and you need not worry unnecessarily.

Self-help is the best help for panic attack sufferers and is the only effective way of getting rid of such terrifying attacks.

For most of the sufferers, the primary means of combating panic attacks is to understand the disorder and the intensity at which it strikes you. This is something that I have learned from my personal experience. It was just last month when a friend of mine could not just stop herself; she feared something that she couldn’t define. Finally, when we reached her home one evening, we found her hiding under the table. She seemed to be immersed in sweat and her hands and feet were trembling. It was more horrifying for us than for her. We knew that she was in dire need of medical help.

There are several ways of dealing with panic attacks – medications, drugs, therapies etc. but one of the most potent ways would be a natural way. Though people are more inclined towards prescribed medicines and drugs, some panic attack sufferers honestly believe that drugs cannot actually treat the root cause of the problem. It first needs to be addressed properly and only then can a person truly cure himself. Also, prescribed drugs are more likely to have after effects than real effects which can be detrimental.

Natural methods are the best way of treating symptoms of panic attack. Additionally, thee methods have zero side effects. Though natural remedies are time-consuming, results can be assured.

The initial step that one must take while following the natural methods of treating panic attack includes the thought; you must understand your thoughts that lead to fear and panic. Remember; when you actually have a panic attack there is a thought process in your mind which triggers the sense of fear. You must identify that.

It is known that some of our thoughts are erratic and such thoughts can also be blamed for the onset of panic attacks. However, the best possible way of dealing with this situation is by talking to yourself while you are actually experiencing the attack. You must reassure yourself that this is just a temporary phase and would pass very soon. So, whenever you feel that you fear something or you are undergoing the recurring thoughts over and over again you must say to yourself that “I am not crazy”, “I am not afraid”, “I am not in any danger”, “I can control this situation”.
You can also try another excellent way to deal with panic attacks- try to think of something else when you are feeling panicky. Though it might sound really foolish, you can try it. Try to think of certain things that fascinate you. This would give you a soothing effect. When you can sense the panic attack reaching your door, just tell yourself that you have loads of other thoughts to deal with. Think about your favorite actress and you on an island, it would fascinate your mind and give you some pleasure.

Have you heard of deep breathing exercises? These exercises can be very helpful in treating panic attacks. Actually, these exercises can help you calm your mind, which is essential for panic attack sufferers. A disturbed mind is the main cause of symptoms of panic attack and now you know how to prevent it

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